Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kaamatan Mood On !!!!

Its May now and yeah for Sabahan we all waiting for celebrating the Kaamatan Festival !!!!

After my last paper on 8 May 
yeahhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaamatan mood on !!!

Can't wait to go to KDCA on 29 30 31 May where all the Sabahan celebrating the kaamatan all together ..
This year my papa is taking care the Dusun house .
wow !
But other than moginum and everything

Everyone can't wait to watch and know who is gonna be the Runduk Ngadau 2014!!
I'm supporting Unduk Putatan cause she is cousin punya tunang punya adik punya girlfriend .. and she also a UiTM student and my baby know her .
she is the only person that I know so yeah thats why I m supporting her ..

another story to share here ..

my aunt call me and tell me to join the Runduk USDA 
and I was like 
I dont know but why me ?!!!!
urrghhh !!
whatever !!!

I am not gonna join the runduk so i decide to be on duty its okay if Im gonna wear baju dusun but I got pay bha ! ahhahaha

so 10 May is the day 
even my self also can't believe with my look 
hadooiii !!!
sumandak bohh !! ahahhaha

blaa blaaa blaaaa blaaa

when the time I want to do my 'things' 
pooooooffff !!! *again*

when the mc *my mum* called my name

I just won 
Mrs. Tail Bulawin or we Mrs. Beauty or Ratu Senyap
I just love that crown 
like seriously 
speechless bh my feeling !!!!!

whatever !!!

kbyee !!

see you again ...


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