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Greetings you guys .. Dear readers today I gonna tell you guys something about something .. lol .. lets just look at the title UMiansssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss nahhh .. back to my high school life about one and a half years , UMians is what we call the class names with all the student so like 'UM' for the class name and 'ians' for the student that consider to me and my friends .. get it ? lol !

Now this is the UMians !!!!!!

*alert -not all the 'ians' are in the picture*
sepa suruh tidak hadir 

Class story
this FRIENDSHIP *la sangat* start since we in form 4 that is in 2011 after we finished our PMR on 2010 now the student will not longer with the same person *what my bahasa this .. lol* .. student gonna change and mixed up with all the other student that has the same result standard *get it ka* lol .. blaa blaa blaaa laaa ... 
and after all the process and taaadaaaaa !!! all the puak strangers has been mixed in one class .... WORLD WAR VIII HAPPENING !!! lol kidding .. 
even we spend 2 years together its not worth it cause still some of the people in the class masih bermusuh .. 
*not me* 
and blaaa blaa blaa blaaa
still gonna graduate together juga ..

lets talk about each one of them ...
*now I can describe each of you guys with bad things, muahahahahahhahahahha !!*

Begin with Afiqa Yon Omar Ali, she is the class monitor in form 5, she's berisi and we call her 'mukk' or pika yon or yon .. she's so lazy, always sleep while teaching in the class but whenever or whatever happen without the 'teaches' she is the most active people .. duhhhh .. she like to kacau others .. but take a look in the picture the one yg pakai tdung row 1 in the middle thats her, she is lazy but clever she got good result in SPM btw .. ahahaha .. she is smart bout all the 'logic' 'politic' things .. whatever .. shes friendly and she will treat you if you kawan her to eat ..ahahahahha 
Arvinder S.G this is the one with serban in the 3rd floor yang paling kanan .. nahh , he's ambition want to be a pilot but now if I am not mistaken he's working with the petronas but yeah still cool bh binder gaji mahal but the different is you not flying la .. ahahahah .. we call him vinder or binder or singh or arvinder .. lol .. he is smart on numbering subject like account, maths, and add maths ... for him everyone is his girlfriend .. ahahaha *that funny moment when you know you dont have a girlfriend and you pretend everyone is your girlfriend* lol .. nahh , we like to bully him and at the same time he likes being bullied, he is the only person yg rajin go to the canteen .. ahaah , he is so annoying ..
Mohd Nidzam pula he is such a cool person la katakan, control handsome very talk active something and and anddd .. okay enough boring .. ahaha 
Roney Repos he is the crazier among the crazy person , he is good in playing guitar good singer, okay he is totally love the sains pertanian subjct .. ahahaha *not me* he is mature sometimes and most of the time you just feel wanna kick his ass so hard cause of his stupid attitude ..
Roland he is special , he knows how to dress .. well simple but smart la katakan, he is a good friend , he know what do really girls like .. gentlemen la sangat .. ahahaa .. 
Clinton Lindam , nahhh this one is the most un-talk-active person, but he love football , badan tagap but still pindik .. he is was an athlete back to primary school but it changed I dont know why .. lol
Salwa Faziera is the clever smarter person, she got 7A/8A/9A I dont know la , in the SPM , but sometimes dia luki bh maw share tu pelajaran , but lain orang lain cara la katakan ... and now she is studying di negeri orang , well goodluck sal ! hehehe , she is kind and caring person .. and unreadable .. ahahaha
Rabiatul ...... this person very like to melatah , haduii , she is chubby and my cousin la katakan, untalkactive and blaa blaa blaa , no comment
Suziatul , we call her aien , she is tiny and muslim so cute la , but perangai , ganas ... so lazy to come to school ... so many alasan .. when you comfortable with her nahhhh you will get annoy by her .. ahahah
Erka Fazira ka if im not mistaken, we call her echi, very loud when laughing and be careful , dia main rambang sija pukul orang tu kalau sudah ketawa .. ahahaha .. pretty smile I guess .. ahaha
Sabarinani , she is a tall and big person , hehehe , I still can meet her up cause she is studying at uitm kk , andddd for some reason laa ... she is so privacy person ... no comment ...

in my class have a group that their called GBS stand to ....... *I dont know* .... ahahaha, the member Roland la juga , Dellta Delcita , genius and mature person , she know what to do , she is she .. ahaaha , no comment .. Susan Raymond is very good in drawing, believe me , very good and now she continue her talent by talking art on her diploma *maybe* ahahahaa , good singer also, a youtuber also .. ahaha .. Ernie Elizabeth or Elizabeth Ernie , i dont know la .. ahahaa , she is a very blur person something always lambat pickup .. ahahaha .. andd .. no comment .. Mohd Nazren is a humble person but stil a clever person , this is so blur person .. ahaha , and funny with his words .. Modh Adlianuwari is so in love , always fall in love , he is always taken .. and all of his ex is our friends also , apa la kau ni adli , playboy .. ahahaha .. 

Janet Lim , I dont know how to describe her but I know she is a good listener , and caring person .. well she love me !!! ahahhaha .. Noor Azizah  is a soleha person , muslimin la katakan , nobody know how crazy she is if you are talking with her, I always tho ask her about study cause she is smart bhaa .. good lagi .. nda lukiluki .. ahahaha , humble and cute sometimes ... hihihi ... Angeline Wong Pei Ci *ahahahahhahahahaa!* she doesnt like if people call her cina name, I really do like to bully her, and she is so the very the so the very annoying person , trust me .. hahahaha, here love, ther love, everywhere is love and patah hati jaa .. ishish .. aahahhaa  .. boring la about her .. LOL
Suziely Owai she is my cousin , she is so many topic person .. in 5 second she can talk more than 5 topic , very loud person when talking nonsense ,.. ahahaha .. she is cool la , friendly .. ehehehe .. Dexter Delven D he is my cousin also .. he have a sister yang ratu .. wow ! hehehe , yeah, he have a good looking face, well he is so white and sometimes his face kan macam orang putih .. ahahaha .. good with playing guitar .. Brendon Presly is very cute person , short man .. he is so jiwa music .. love drums and blaa blaa .. so media person .. ahahahhaa .. Farahanna Jeffry , the prettier person in the class, muslim and so white , her smile can make adli cair .. xD muahahahahhaa !! well everyone likes to mengurat her la .. by the way, she is my alarm and the one that I always bully . ahahhaa .. Bryan Brad he is so science study , hie science , sains pertanian and additional science I know he got all A in the SPM .. so scince person lo, short like Brendon also but he is still have that gentlemen attitude .. ahahaha .. kuat membuli okay .. and panas baran .. moody always .. lol .. Lee Ming San is so gay !!! ohmygoshhh !! ahahhahaa , he is very annoying and for sure nobody believe he can be in UM class ,.. well , congrats for that ming ... he is so gay , gay gay gay gay .. annoying la bha ! ahahaha , trip .. but taaadaaaa !! after the plkn he have a good body , cause he go to the gym and studying at ATI college .. but still masih juga tambirang ... duhh ! boring topic .. ahahaha 

Vicky Vivien Chua Taik Palat .. she so lazy as siput .. hadooii , kuat tidur .. but when she is awake , nahhh so noisy person ever !! mataiii ! along berjaya ! ahahhaha , she is sometimes sensitive person .. ahahaha .. and enough .. :P 
Joanne Nelly Hiew Sampalau Tompurung until now her attitude still dont have any changes , taking form 6 , nahh still budak sekolah la katakan .. ahahhaa ! so sporting and annoying sometimes , she is cute with her smile .. hadoii , so ceria la katakan kan , pantat becacing tu .. ahahahhaa .. okay enough .. 

and I think thats all from now ... If you guys wants to know bout me , just find me on twitter or instagram everything on that social media is so me ! ahahhaa .. lol

I will edit later if ada tertinggal , who cares !! ahahhaha 

*some picture on the reunion party not everyone also attend the party ... duhhh .. boringgg *

guys wait up ... xD

I forgot about the best person and just a normal person , that normal person is Leoney Lioho she is humble just a simple person , kind , yup smart  andddd no comment

so the best person are
*actually I dont know her full name but who cares !*
she is now with my cousin , and wow ! i cannot describe la .. she is so fake person ever .. she always go to dance at the Upperstar ! cool aite ??! ahahhahahaha !! and the school is actually a 1B for her ... I dont know la ! so complicated ! well dont judge the book by it cover bh orang blg .. but who cares ! ahahahhahahaa .. kbyee ! LOL

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